As a general rule of thumb, everyone should have an insurance policy

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Fire (Public & commercial)

Feeling safe and secure in your home? Keep it that way with Fire Insurance. Protect your belongings against unforeseen events with our exclusive coverage. We have all the necessary plans to fit any budget. Protect your home and belongings against the unpredictable fires. With our range of tailor-made insurance plans, enjoy tax benefits and discounts on our policies. We provide you with peace of mind protection at an affordable cost. Choose from a range of customize offerings that suit your needs best.

Fire Insurance is a comprehensive insurance solution that protects you and your property against the risks of fire. This policy will cover the cost of repair or replacement of your property should it be damaged or destroyed by fire. It also includes the cost of removing debris from the site, cleaning up any mess, and providing temporary accommodation for those who have had to leave their home in the aftermath. Fire Insurance is a monthly insurance plan that protects your home and possessions against all damages (except flood) caused by fire.

Motor (Public & commercial)

Get your motor insurance in minutes

Motor insurance can be expensive, especially if you only want to insure your car for a short amount of time. But with Compare the Market, you can find the best deals and prices on motor insurance so that you get the right cover for less. Motor Insurance helps you find a cheap, comprehensive health insurance policy for your car. Motor Insurance, an insurance that provides coverage for your vehicle from theft, damages and more.

Motor Insurance is a type of insurance that deals with the damage or loss of a motor vehicle due to an accident. This is done through the use of premiums, a deductible and payoff value. The Motor Insurance provides cover for injury, death or property damage to third parties from the use of a motor vehicle. The Motor Insurance also provides cover for the policyholder against the costs arising from damage to or theft of the motor vehicle from which the cover has been provided to third parties. Motor Insurance is a new insurance product that provides comprehensive cover for all the risks involved in motor vehicle ownership.


House insurance is an important part of every household. You may not think about it often, but your home needs to be protected from all sorts of threats. Fires and natural disasters could result in your home being destroyed for good, and without a house insurance policy, you and your family will struggle to get back on your feet. House insurance protects from natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, as well as fires caused by faulty wiring or faulty plumbing. The cost of a home insurance policy is a smart investment in protection and peace of mind.

Protect your most precious investment with House Insurance. With our easy-to-manage plans and experienced customer service, we’ll make it as easy as possible to find a plan that meets your needs. Whether you’re considering a new home or want to update your existing coverage, give us a call or get a quote online today!

Personal accident

Looking for a new way to protect your loved ones? With Personal Accident Insurance, you can cover a range of accidents, including death and dismemberment, at the most reasonable rates.Getting the right insurance coverage for you and your loved ones is the most important choice you'll ever make. Don't leave anything to chance. We offer protection for your home and personal belongings, your career, and more. Call us today to find out more.